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Arranging a first meeting

Missnu helps you find people whose paths have crossed yours. These are people who you might bump into in the normal course of your day, while shopping or walking on the street. We recommend that the first meeting be casual and public and short, as if you accidentally found yourselves standing together in the same line.

You should plan on a first meeting lasting five to ten minutes. The goal is simply to learn whether you have enough in common to want a second meeting. Choose a well-lit public place, but not necessarily a place you frequent.

The first meeting isn't a date, and there's no pressure at all. A good way to start is just to say "Hi, I'm <your-name>, are you <their-name>?" It's OK to offer a handshake, but this isn't the time for a hug or kiss or a flower.

You can end your first meeting with something like "I'm very glad we met." Remember that a good first meeting ends with each person wondering whether they may have found a new friend, and wanting to get together again. If this were a chance encounter, you might want to ask for the other person's phone number. But with Missnu, you can ask them later. That can be easier for both people.

After a first meeting

Most encounters don't lead to relationships. After meeting someone, you may feel you have no wish to pursue it any further. Missnu let's you signoff with a person politely whenever you want, and to block communications from them if you wish.

Once in a while, lightning strikes, the heart beats faster, and judgment takes a vacation. If you feel this way, Missnu suggests going slow. Remember that a few online messages and a short meeting haven't given you enough time to really know the other person. By all means, suggest another meeting, but be cautious in disclosing your contact information.